I write music based off my experiences in life.. what a long strange trip.
— Mike K-Nein

K-Nein (Michael John Krieglstein) is an americana songwriter and musician who teaches, produces, and performs music in the Chicagoland area. His songwriting draws from his experiences in life having traveled throughout the world. With deep roots in improvisational music as well as composition, K-Nein’s songwriting blends styles and crosses genres. Joining K-Nein live is an energetic group of musicians who are both friends and music cohorts.

The band is.

Michael Krieglstein - Guitar Vox

Eitan Bernstein - Keys

Matthew Kopecky - Drums

Matt Augustine - Guitar

Jake Carmany - Bass Guitar


In late 2017 the five Chicagoland natives began to collaborate sharing in a deep knowledge of jamming as well as tight song forms and groove. The resulting efforts created a quick on its feet jam band that demonstrates a deep respect for traditional songs and instrumentation. The 2017 release of “Blume” solidified a sound that the group was going for with upbeat songs like the title track Blume and You Don’t Know, as well as more pocket groove tunes like “Never Been Seen” and “Sleight of Hand”. In anticipation of the upcoming release “Magic, Myth, and Rhyme” you can catch the K-Nein band playing a mix of original and traditional Americana tunes.